Carnivore Weekends Berlin

Sport & Steak in the Capital

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A Carnivorous Weekend in Berlin - Sport & Steak

We don’t live far away from Berlin, only an hour or so by car, but it’s a nice change to spend a weekend in the capital every now and again. This weekend my partner and I booked a Comfy room at “The Dude by Charly” and planned to spend the weekend eating, relaxing, and utilizing the inner city location to check out some things we’d never done in the capital. 

We both finished work at lunchtime on Friday, packed our stuff and were in the car early afternoon. While I was driving my partner filled out the online check-in, uploaded our vaccination passes and received the key to our room. Pretty relaxing knowing you just show up, and everything is already sorted. We arrived around 4, and like clockwork found a carpark right in front of the hotel, walked in and went straight to the room, no queues, nor hassles, it felt like we were arriving at home. 

We unpacked & relaxed for a moment with a fresh coffee in our spacious and comfortable room. We decided that as there are no good steakhouses in our hometown, that the goal for the weekend was to discover the best steakhouses in Berlin. Good thing is, we didn’t need to look far to find the first steak house we wanted to try, as directly below “The Dude by Charly” is The Brooklyn. This is an authentic, American style steakhouse with a great selection of fine quality cuts of beef, and a great assortment of wines to pair with your meal. Our reservation was for 7, and the atmosphere was perfect. Not ultra full and noisy, but also not empty and too quiet. My Black Angus Filet with Rosemary Potatoes, Ratatouille and Bearnaise Sauce followed by Key Lime Pie with Marshmallows and Strawberries was a match made in heaven and I was content to stay at The Brooklyn for the remainder of the evening. We enjoyed some great wine that came recommended by the staff, followed by two or three whiskeys before we retired to our room for the best night's sleep we have both had in a long time.

The following morning we woke late and completely refreshed, something that doesn’t happen often anymore. We took our time getting up and enjoyed a long luxurious shower, fresh coffee and a cup of tea before we set off downstairs to Yada Yada Breakfast club for a late brunch. We didn’t book breakfast with our stay, but we’ve only heard good things and it’s location right next to “The Dude by Charly” made it just too enticing to pass. Brunch was great, the sun shining, Berliners going about their Saturday routine all around and that vibrant city flair that only Berlin can offer made it feel like a real holiday. We ended up staying at Yada Yada for almost 3 hours, eating, drinking coffee and enjoying the inner city location. The next part of our plan for the weekend was to go watch Hertha BSC play an afternoon match at Olympiapark. Even though the stadium is a fair way out of town, getting there is a breeze. The S-Bahn is only a few minutes walk away from “The Dude by Charly” and the S-Bahn takes you directly to the entrance. The atmosphere was electric from the moment we got onto the train. Local fans adorned with their local heroes’ jerseys, flags, banners and facepaint squished onto the train and with every stop the train made, more fans clambered onboard. We arrived at the gates, strolled in and took our place. The atmosphere continued to electrify as the players took the pitch. Unfortunately for the local fans, after a hard fought 90 minutes the local team lost to underdogs from Baden Wuttenberg, but the crowd seemed to enjoy the match even though their team lost. The trip back to town was just as lively as the trip to the stadium earlier as everyone had obviously enjoyed a beer or two in the warm afternoon sun, ourselves included. 

Even though we hadn’t done a lot physically with our Saturday, we were still relatively tired after our day and decided that we had such a good night at “The Brooklyn” the night before, we’d tempt fate and go there again. It was just too easy, too close and too good to pass up. This time the two of us shared a Tomahawk, which was undoubtedly the largest cut of meat I’ve ever eaten. The giant piece of meat was cooked perfectly and the side we ordered was a perfect accompaniment. Again, like the night before, the knowledgeable crew picked out a couple of really nice bottles of wine to go along with our meal and gave us a few tips for our morning the next day. 

We hit the hay, happy, full and exhausted. This was the first time the two of us had been to Berlin and really felt like locals. The football, the banter with the crew from Yada Yada & The Brooklyn, the way our room really felt like home, not like a hotel, it all combined to make the experience the most memorable I had ever had in the city. Again, I slept deeply and undisturbed even though we were right in the middle of town and woke refreshed, albeit somewhat hungover. We had till 11 to vacate the room, so thought we’d make the most of the time we had by sleeping some more, enjoying the coffee that was provided and making use of the luxurious bathroom. A little before 11 we made our way out the door and made our way down to the Spree. We got some food from Yada Yada and took the advice from the Brooklyn crew the night before and do what the locals do on a Sunday.

With our snacks and smoothies to go, we walked the 5 minutes to the Spree and headed south. Along the banks of the river, you see what the locals do on a sunny autumn day. They relax. You find a spot along the river, you sit, and you enjoy watching the boats cruise by, the birds fly overhead and the tourists snapping selfies in front of the East Side Gallery. Hands down the best trip to Berlin I have ever had, and at the heart of our very meaty weekend was our perfect stay at “The Dude by Charly.”

Happy Exploring, Eating, and Enjoying - Berlin