The "Travel" Word

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Nope, you guessed wrong! That’s not a picture from my last holiday. That’s from my current office.

The last decade has once again taught a simple but imminently important fact about us, humans, as creatures willing to learn. We all got our driving license for the  „individual working environment“ car. We got to experience the vibe of cruising the remote work lifestyle or keeping the gas pedal low in our home offices. Generally speaking, the perspectives and imaginations of how our daily hustle looks, have changed. The Impact a mixed-up environment can have on your lives is more present than ever. 

For me personally, the office thing has been working out quite solidly. When I got offered the slow drift into a “home office” car it felt strange in the first place. A feeling of freedom that I never experienced harmed my euphemism. Only a couple of drives later I enjoyed it more than ever. Do you remember the first day driving without your driving coach? Exactly! Emotional chaos lets you swing between mental breakdowns and the sky's the limit feeling, but after a while, you enjoy the ride and the ability to drive wherever you want. Some need the office more than ever, some people like to work every day from a new spot (even if it is just a different desk). The quintessence is that working from anywhere you want is no longer a luxury your employer is giving you. Moreover, it is a new possibility to get rid of the starving Feeling of „4 more long and exhausting days until I can finally fall into my holidays. 

As the wave of digital nomads has been rolling for quite a while, it seems to be a burden for many of us as its community size is still small in size. But as we know since your parents told us “Every beginning is hard. The good thing - it gets easier once you have started with it. In order to make the jump into this lifestyle a bit smoother, we collected five simple facts that make you slide easily into the new way of working.

It's a mindset thing. When Instagram meets reality disappointment isn’t far away in most cases. Working while travelling is about enjoying the difference between the daily routines and imaginations of others. The mission is to try something new because you want to know better what you like. Therefore, clear up 2 questions upfront for yourself in order to choose the right destination. Are you the brother of Bear Grylls(Travel destinations wildlife) and I enjoy the wildlife or do you need morning coffee on the go while catching the tram to your co-working space? What do you want to experience? Are you in for the surf on the morning wave and the rooftop sundowner? You are the captain of the trip. There are plenty of locations so choose a location after your hobbies and desires. (weather, sports, etc,)

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Most of us like to work in a team. In case you don't plan a workcation your team is not with you. At least not physically. Nor problem. Show your vibes while Video Chats with your colleagues. Get your sundowner beer together and do the poll quiz about the nicest sundowner. It’s about creating a sense of empathy. You just try something new so you probably learned something out of it. Enhance your team with your learning expressions and encourage them to make their own trips. In contrast, people understand better why you do it & may forgive your 5 minutes lateness for the morning call because you couldn’t get yourself out to the morning sun.

Even an island has boundaries

Going somewhere to work is one side of the coin. Being able to work in a new environment is the lucky side of the flipped coin. As easy as you can get distracted by the new vibe, as simple as the setup of a productive environment. Set up your workspace right. What do you need to work productively? Get all your productivity hacks in your suitcase.

Don't forget to bring out the brain fog as well. Like in the office, stay energized. Either it is a coffee chat with a new friend you made, a little workout under the palm trees, or a quick stroll through the city to spot your once-in-a-lifetime dinner spot. Google and its young fellows’ blogs are not your best friends. Locals are living bloggers. Why not connect with them and get an even deeper sense of the culture of the destination you enjoy? They know the drill. The best sushi in town or a unique spot for your morning run. With tips like those even your daily routines may feel home while travelling.

Get the right gears ready for your trip. Take what you want! Nowadays working from the hanging mat is just as easy as from the tiny table at your coffee dealer’s place. A Laptop, some earphones and not to forget a freshly brewed coffee or an ice-cold drink as an energizer is for most of us as essential as teeth brushing. The same holds true for your journey. 

A lightweight suitcase (link to Suitcase site) or even comfortable apparel makes the trip a no-brainer decision. Your best friends a.k.a. The everyday shoe for the comfortable expedition through the city center should not miss the flight either. Once packing up your stuff just look at the last Snapshot of your working desk you took. The first five things you discover are most likely the five things you want to have with you.

Like the right fitted pants is definitely the internet. If it pinches it is not fun. Therefore, make the r a good Internet connection to your Target Number one in your spot googling hunt upfront. There are plenty of spots all around the world which offer call working spaces with solid Wi-Fi. Let me tell you something: every country has its own unwritten rules for the meaning of fast internet. Do you need the last argument for the Wi-Fi hunt? Maybe you also meet your dinner friends at the internet venue of the day.

Don't panic, it’s just exploring

OK, for some of us a lot of things to keep in mind when starting such a journey for some of us daily habits which can’t exist without them. Anyways, once you set up your perfect strategy for the first of many trips the hope of a little motivation boost arises simply through the changing environment. New things to see, adventures through the countryside of your new home for the next few days, bars & cafes and a lot of other things to see. Argh - This is just pure exploring in its most pleasurable form! But didn’t you actually promise the people around you also to stay focused and productively?

Exactly a trip while working is about exploring so don't forget it. Take advantage of the freedom of the new way of working. Set yourself boundaries in the organization of your working days. Work for a couple of yours then meet your friends in your old study town, fall newly in love with your old hometown while visiting your family roots, or spot a nice museum around the corner for a lunch break. Get your friends onboard your city trip, and create a weekend for a lifetime. Just do all things that feel natural to you. The out of your comfort zone thing was already marked as done when you bought the tickets for the getaway.

Seems pretty easy to directly book the next trip for Travelling while working. Plenty of resources, spots, blogs, websites, etc. & only a couple of rules you should take care of. Let’s wrap it up in short:

  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll learn something new about yourself. #pinkswaer
  • Travelling doesn’t mean leaving all your routines at home. They deserve a ticket for this trip as well.
  • Have fun while exploring. Remember Exploring means getting an exploration for something you don’t know yet.  

Meet you at the next train station or airport!