Urban Summer in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam's hottest Summer Spots

There aren't many cities like Amsterdam that come alive like this in the summer. While the rest of the year the weather can probably be described as a hit or miss, it almost seems like every rainy day is compensated for and taken advantage of in summer. Numerous events, exhibitions, bars and restaurants attract people to Amsterdam every year - it's almost hard to make a decision. We want to save you a little research time, hence our blog post:

The Breakfast Club

Do you prefer a sweet breakfast? A salty one? At the Breakfast Club, everyone can find something they like - from pancakes over Egg Benedict to delicious sandwiches. There is more than one Breakfast Club in Amsterdam, so there is no excuse to miss out!


The name pretty much explains what you can find at this cute breakfast place: eggs - in every way imaginable. The family-run business is known for being the first “omelettery” and never disappoints. Found at Ferdinand Bolstraat 143 and Nieuwebrugsteeg 24, Omelegg is another perfect brunch spot to start your summer day.

Some other coffee spot recommendations...

I know - not everyone likes to eat a lot in the morning. That’s why we are just giving you some more coffee spots: Coffee Company in de Pijp, De Koffiesalon in the centrum, and Il Momento for an espresso and some bakery treats.

Canal Cruise

First, let’s start with the classics: a canal cruise. What many people don’t know is that there are many different tours, not only the “classic” ones, which take you to some city-highlights. You can choose between tours with wine and cheese, drinks, open boat tours or even get your own boat! Check it out here!

Beach Bars

You heard it right! Many people solely see Amsterdam as a city to visit, which is by the water, but would never assume that it actually has some beaches to offer as well! There are several bars located by the water, all offering a beach vibe in their own unique way. 

One example is Pink Beach (like it is actually pink). From drinks to the furniture, everything at this beach is pink and therefore a truly unique experience. Come to grab a drink or even a bite - you won’t regret it! 

Another must-see spot is Pllek, also located by the water in the north of Amsterdam. With good music and urban aesthetics, the restaurant embodies the Amsterdam city vibe perfectly. Stop by any time, as Pllek offers breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.


Usually in August (in 2022 it’s from August 12th - 21st), areas around the canals are being transformed into streets full of open-air performances and classic music. Some performances are even taking place on the water! Check out their Instagram page to not miss out on updates about the program! 

Theatre in the Vondelpark

Talking about open-air: if you are looking for more performances, it is worth it to check out the open-air theatre in Vondelpark, where the Openluchttheater takes place. From club nights, over dance performances to concerts - the theatre is in the middle of one of the most famous parks in Amsterdam and the best thing is: it is for free!

Our crew collected some other amazing restaurants for you to check out. Let’s say it like that: there are unlimited options for you in Amsterdam!


You love pasta (I mean frankly, who doesn’t)? Linguini is you place to go. The authentic Italian restaurant puts a lot of emphasis on fresh and quality ingredients, creating a truly Italian atmosphere for your dinner night. 

De Belhamel

De Belhamel is an award-winning restaurant, focusing on dutch dishes with a mediterranean twist. Located in a rather quiet area, the restaurant is the perfect location for a relaxed dinner with friends and family. 

Bar Kosta 

Bar Kosta at the end of Overtoom is great for everyone who is looking to be among people in a vibrant atmosphere. Our tip: try out the chicken wraps! 

Floor 17

Floor 17 is located by the Rembrandt Park in Amsterdam-West and about 85m high, offering an amazing panoramic view over the city. Besides drinks and food, Floor 17 offers rooftop yoga and an indoor sky bar in case the weather is not as good as planned. 


GAPP is rather described as a beer garden than an actual bar. The terrace is decorated with a lot of green and flowers, offering an inviting atmosphere for everyone who wants to enjoy a local beer, cocktail or lemonade.

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