Vegetarian Weekends Berlin

A vegetarian weekend city trip to Berlin

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Part 2: Vegetarian Weekend

Breaking the routine with a city trip to Berlin is exactly what the doctor ordered. Long days and nights at the office, week in, week out was wearing me out and a change of scenery was required, even if only for a couple of days. After a 10 hour day Friday, I got in the car and made the 3-hour drive to Berlin. I arrived late but had my check-in already organised and the key was open on my smartphone. I unlocked the front door without a problem and made my way to the room. The hotel was lively, but not loud, people seemed busy, but not rushed. Some were on the way in, others just heading out to explore Berlin’s world-famous nightlife. I settled into my “Roomy” Charly room for the night and watched some Netflix, drank some tea, and enjoyed a peaceful night.

The bed was astoundingly comfortable, I’m usually an extremely irritable sleeper and wake easily with even the slightest disturbance, but at “The dude by Charly” I slept like a log until morning. The plan for the day was to have a good vegetarian breakfast, explore the sights Berlin had to offer by taking a bike tour through town, then see where the evening takes me. As a solo traveller the I find taking a tour is a great way to meet other travellers, learn a little something, and possibly make some new friends. First things first though, get breakfast. I’d already booked breakfast at Yada Yada breakfast club along with my accommodation, so all I needed to do was make my way downstairs. Breakfast and the coffee were superb, the perfect way to start the day. The tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours started at 10:00 from the meeting point at the Fernsehturm, just a 15 minute walk away from “The Dude by Charly”. The tour was superb, a real nice mix of international guests, a great tour guide, and the weather played along. 

Instead of following the plan and going to see a show at the ​​”Theatre im Palais”, a few of my fellow bike tour guests and I decided to join forces and go on an adventure to try Berlins best vegetarian restaurants. As we were all staying near Berlin Mitte we decided not to venture too far out of town. First stop, Momos Berlin, where you find delicious handmade vegetarian dumplings. After trying almost all variations of dumplings, Green Sheep were definitely a highlight, and sauces between the group, we decided to move on. We didn’t have far to move as the next stop was just across the road at Frea. Frea is not only a vegetarian restaurant but also one of the first zero-waste restaurants in Germany. The food was delicate and beautifully presented, and was perfect to counter the dumplings. We had two stops left on our tour. Curry61 is a cult classic in Berlin Mitte, serving local Currywurst, but in vegetarian. The Currywurst was perfect for the walk to our last stop and tasted even better with our road beers. The last stop for the evening was Cookies Cream. Now from the name you’re probably thinking desert of some kind, as did I. But, as it turns out, Cookies Cream is vegetarian fine dining of the highest calibre. At this point we were all relatively full, but once we got inside and saw the meals that others ordered our appetites instantly returned. The colours, the flavours and the ambience all fitted together seamlessly. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the evening. We decided to enjoy a nightcap at Cookies Cream and all went our separate ways early in the morning after sharing social media details and phone numbers. 

The night at “The Dude by Charly” was once again peaceful and comfortable. I could feel the food the previous evening still fill my stomach so I opted to skip breakfast and enjoy the sunshine in my room with a strong Nespresso. As I hadn’t gone to the show the night before I decided to catch the Sunday matinee and then head home afterwards. The show was extremely fun and was the perfect way to end a fun-filled weekend in Berlin at “The Dude by Charly”.