Who is Charly?

At the core, Charly is here to provide a place to stay that feels like a second home.

"I expect more for the price of this room!"

It's this thought that led to the creation of Charly. An accommodation that is comfortable, well designed, centrally located, and feels like a second home. A place where anyone can work, cook, relax, and most importantly, sleep as if they really were at home.

Charly loves to travel.

After a lifetime of traveling, Charly knows what works.

There is no need to stand in queues to get a key, there is no need for someone to come clean your room every day, there is no need for someone to carry my bags to the room, and there is definitely no need for bad coffee.

What Charly creates is a space where the superfluous extras that you end up paying for are omitted from the bill and replaced with things you actually want. A comfortable bed that you will still be daydreaming about after your holiday. A great, central location, with real tips that locals provide, not Tripadvisor or Lonely Planet. Digital Check-in, that takes the hassle out of the booking process. A room where you can relax, work, cook, sleep just like you would at home. Most importantly is however great design that is both aesthetically and functionally ideal, regardless you are staying a day or a month.

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