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Your most common questions...

Booking & Reservation

Booking confirmation

When do I get my booking confirmation?

Right after you have completed your booking. You receive the confirmation via email and message. It can take up to 15 min so don't be too impatient! Please get back to us in case you haven't gotten anything.

I haven't received my booking confirmation!

No problem! Just text us and we'll get back to you within a couple of minutes.

Booking modification

Can I cancel at anytime?

Always for free until two days before arrival.

How do I cancel my stay?

Through the channel, you have booked. By the way, the same process applies to every booking amendment you wanna make.

How do I extend my reservation?

Depending on the channel you have booked with Charly. For instance: If you have booked through, please log in, go to the Charly booking and extend your stay from there. The same process applies to all other booking channels (Expedia, Airbnb, hrs, etc.). Please note: the extension must be done until 11 AM on the day of departure latest. When you have missed that time, then please drop us a message.

Can I change my room type before arrival?

Sure thing. Drop us a message and we'll happy to assist you.

Check-in & Check-out


Will an employee meet me at Charly?

That depends on the time. Our hotel manager is always there during normal times. We are available at all times though, just not in person :)

How do I get my key?

There isn't a classic key as such that you would receive from reception because our reception is not always available. You will be able to open the door with your smartphone through your mobile key. You will receive this mobile key on the day of arrival.

How do I get into my room?

Through the mobile key on your smartphone. A detailed description is also again sent on the day of arrival.

How does the online check-in work?

Easy. You'll find a link or button in your booking confirmation. Just click on it and you'll be forwarded to the online check-in form. Once the online check-in form opens simply enter your personal data. Repeat the process on the day of arrival and confirm your entries. After done so, you can access your mobile key in the same view.

One tip: the earlier you complete the online check in the less effort you'll have when your stay is upcoming.

Why is the online check-in needed?

Good question! The online check-in is required by German authorities. The online check-in form is exactly the same as the check-in form you would fill out at a classic hotel reception, or what you need to fill out before a flight.


How does the check-out work?

Leave the room and that's it!

Payment & Billing


Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept every common credit card (also AMEX), PayPal and SOFORT.

My payment didn't work, what can I do?

One option would be choosing another payment method and trying again. There can be several reasons as to why it's not working. If it still doesn't work, please reach out to us and we'll help you get it done!

Can I pay onsite?

No, the payment must always be done online ahead of your stay. We don't have a physical terminal for the payment.

Extra costs

Are there any extra fees?

No. Depending on the destination you may however incur a local city tax. If a city tax is applicable we will inform you during the last step of the check-out process while booking online. On other channels, the city tax is always included in the total amount of your booking.

Is a security deposit required?

No. We trust you and we are sure it wouldn't be necessary to charge a deposit

Are children charged extra?

No. We only charge for children who are older than 13.

I am travelling for business, can I get the city tax back?

Sure thing! During the online check-in process, you have the option of informing us you are travelling for business. If you have done so, then dop us a message.


How can I make amendments to the invoice?

Just reach out to us and let us know what needs to be amended, address, spelling for example, and we'll send you the updated invoice via your preferred method of correspondence. Please include the correct billing address so that we can attach the new, correct invoice.

How do I get my invoice?

Automatically on the day of your departure via email. We cannot provide you with a printed invoice as for the sake of the planet we did not even purchase a printer.


Pre check-in

Can I make a special request? E.g. a quiet room.

Of course you can! Just give us a heads up and we'll try to fulfill your wishes. But please note that it always depends on the capacity so we cannot make any promises.

How do I request an early check-in or a late checkout?

Just shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do. The usual check-in time is 3 pm, and the usual check-out time is 11 am. Charly needs some time to clean the rooms so we hope you understand if we can't accommodate your request.

Is Charly wheelchair accessible?

Yes, except the rooms on raised ground floor. Please reach out to us and we will give you a room on the upper floors.


How do I request extra towels?

Drop us a message and we'll get right on it.

How do I request extra bedsheets?

Send us a message via WhatsApp, SMS or send us an email, we'll get right on it.

How do I report an issue during my stay?

You're never alone while staying at Charly. Drop us a message and we'll get back to you within a couple of minutes. And you can also call us 24/7.

How do I request extra coffee?

Send us a message or ask our staff onsite.

How do I request extra kitchen equipment?

In case anything is missing, drop us a message and we'll bring it as soon as possible.

Can I receive mail & packages at Charly?

Yes, you can, just ask us for permission. This service is only available for those staying longer than 30 days.

Can I drink the tap water?

Sure! In Germany you can drink the tap water everywhere.


How do I find, or report a lost item?

Drop us a message and we'll give our best to find your missing item. If we find it we're happy to send it back to you. It may be that you need to pay the postage.

I want to discuss a recent stay?

Leave us a message and we'll give you a call.

Where can I leave my feedback?

You are free to leave feedback wherever you like. In case you want to discuss more serious issues, we are more than happy if you contact us directly.

About Charly

Rooms and features

Is there shampoo and shower gel?

You'll get shampoo und shower gel von "Stop the water while using me" in all of our rooms.

How big are the beds?

Depends on the room type. So the best is to check the page for the certain type. But overall it goes like this:

Easy: 100cm

Easy +: 140cm

Cosy: 160cm

Cosy +: 160cm

All from Comfy comes with a 180cm bed.

What room types does Charly offer?

Easy, Easy +, Cosy, Cosy +, Comfy and Roomy. You will find information about the categories on each location's site.

How is the kitchen equipped?

The kitchen comes with everything you need to cook a proper meal. Cutlery and dishware is at least available for two persons. Additionally you are provided by two induction cooktops, a dishwasher, a coffee machine, a kettle and a mixer.

Why book Charly instead of a common hotel?

Don't get us wrong but we don't consider ourselves as "the better hotel" Our approach is just different and we are trying to reshape the hotel, serviced apartment customer journey. That means we want to enable you to experience a journey that is completely digital. It gives us the freedom to offer you a larger room with higher quality interior design, and top-end furnishings. The Covid-Crisis has shown that digitalisation is on the rise and we want to bring this fact into the hospitality industry.

How do I contact Charly?

Text message (SMS or Whatsapp) to:

+49 1573 5983236

Call to:

+49 1573 5983236 oder +49 30 22409338

Otherwise also via every social media channel.


What's the WiFi?

At every location, our network is named Charly. You can find the password in your digital guestbook & on QR codes allocated in the building.

Will Charly have cable TV?

Of course, Charly offers a Smart-TV with normal television as well as all common streaming services.

House rules

Can I bring my pet?

Sure, Charly loves pets too. There is an additional fee of 30 € per stay, per pet (only dogs are allowed), so just let us know who'll be joining you on your travels and we will adjust the invoice.

Can I book if I am underage?

Yes you can, but we would need approval from a parent or guardian.

What are Charly's house rules?

You can find Charly's house rules here.

Am I allowed to smoke in the room at Charly?

No, you are not allowed. We don't want our rooms to smell like smoke and likely not only bother neighbouring rooms but also guests after you. In case you think about violating this rule, we serve the right to charge a fee and to ban you from any further stays. A full description of the consequences can be found in our House Rules.

Cleaning & laundry

Are the beds hypoallergenic?

They sure are.

Our Covid-19 response.

As this is a sensitive topic, we have an entire section on our homepage & on each location page with the newest local & international Covid Regulations which we adhere to strictly. Be assured the entire Charly family, from the office staff to our beloved cleaning crew is trained to follow all regulations to the finest detail, ensuring a safe, hygienic and Covid free stay for you, and safety for our team.

How often do you clean?

At Charly, we'll check your room daily. On the 4th day of your stay, you'll receive a basic cleaning service. If you stay longer than 7 days the room will receive the full cleaning service including linen change. If you don't see the need for the cleaning or checking service, we are happy to adjust them based on your wishes.

What pillows and sheets do you have?

You will always get one blanket and two pillows (a soft and a bit harder one) per guest.