House Rules


Smoking is not permitted in our rooms and all general areas. E-Cigarettes and smoking in the open window are also prohibited. So you are only allowed to smoke in the outside areas. Any violation will result in a penalty fee of € 250.00 plus any applicable fees for removing the pollution.


Pets are allowed. Please let us know in advance if you bring your pet. The price for bringing the pet is € 30,00 per stay. We charge € 100,00 for stay from 14 days on.

Parties or events

Charly enjoys celebrating as much as you do, but not all of the guests who are with us during your stay. Therefore parties and events of any kind are not allowed. A violation could result in a penalty fee of up to € 500.00 plus any applicable fees for the removal of dirt and/or damage.

Excessive dirt

Yes, you should feel at home with Charly. Nevertheless, make sure that you leave our rooms in a tidy condition. Our cleaning staff doesn't want to experience any nasty surprises either. Soiling that requires extra cleaning effort can be charged with a penalty fee of up to € 500.00.

Accommodation for people who have not booked

Your booking always contains a certain number of guests. Should you still have visitors and let them stay with you unannounced, a fee of € 20.00 per person per night will be charged. Just as much as your room would have cost for that number of people.

Booking of guests who are not full-aged

You must always be at least 18 years old to book with Charly. If you are younger, we need to receive permission from a parent beforehand.

Excessive noise

You are not our only guest. Of course, you can use the TV and listen to music, but at a reasonable volume that does not disturb other guests.

Illegal substances

Charly trusts you, illegal substances are strictly forbidden at our locations. Any violation would result in a lifelong ban for you.

Rearrangements in the room

Any changes to the interior (moving furniture, etc.) are not permitted.

Commercial photography, film or videography

Please use our rooms for the purpose for which they were designed. 

Use for other purposes

Pornographic production or prostitution are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted. In addition, the violation leads to direct recourse to our domiciliary rights.


There is actually no need for an explanation. You don't want things to be stolen from you either. In the event of disregard, we will charge you the full cost of the item as well as a penalty fee of up to € 100.00.


It is possible that you will meet Charly service providers on site. Nevertheless, direct any inquiries you have to us. For this, we give you several options to choose from. You find them in our FAQ.


You must inform us about the damage immediately. Even if you consider the damage to be void, a brief notification would be desirable. If this does not happen, we may charge you for the damage.

Check-in & Check-out

According to our guidelines, your room is available from 3 PM on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, you must have left the room by 11 AM at the latest. You can also tell us if you want to leave later. Then we can apply a late check-out fee for you. If this does not happen, the following rule applies to the charging of fees:

  • Check-out by 12 PM: 25% of the following night
  • Check-out by 2 PM: 50% of the following night
  • Check-out by 4 PM: 75% of the following night
  • Check-out until 6 PM: 100% of the following night