Coworking spaces in Berlin

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In the vibrant city of Berlin, you can find everything your heart desires - not just as a tourist!

If you are visiting Berlin for work, there are countless opportunities for you to find cozy and

practical co-working spaces which lure you out of your hotel room into a space full with

people and inspiration.


No matter if you need a cozy couch to take some calls, a conference room, or a private space for important meetings - heartspace is all about giving you the perfect environment for your work desires. You can choose between different rooms, which are all unique in their own way. Heartspace is more than just a coworking space - it makes you feel like home. 

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Located in Dircksenstraße Berlin, WeWork is only 11min away by foot and, if you decide to rent a bike at the Dude, just 7min by bike. This space offers everything you need, from conference rooms to phone booths. Additionally, the space offers a wellness room, an event space, and this is dog friendly (our personal favorite)! 

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Techspace Kreuzberg

This 4-level coworking space in the vibrant neighborhood of Kreuzberg is perfect for bigger teams: workspaces for up to 85 people can be rented at Techspace. Meeting rooms offer the chance to work in smaller teams, breakout spaces are great spots to take a break, and the free boutique coffee is an amazing add-on for teams to spend their days in Kreuzberg. 

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More than a coworking space: the space at Machwerk is perfect for everyone who is more productive in aesthetic and cozy environments. The alternative space for up to 65 people provides the feeling of sitting in the middle of a startup office. The lounge and kitchen area are great for taking a little break and networking with other remote workers. Our favorite part about Machwerk? The earnings from activities at MACHWERK go to social projects in Berlin.

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D36 Coworking

The D36 coworking space is just a 5min bike ride away from the Dude Berlin. The space includes everything you need to have a productive workday: coffee corner, laser prints, whiteboards, and more! Another factor we love is quiet rooms, which you can use to finish your todos without any distractions. Unique about D36 is that you have a fixed desk, so feel free to leave your stuff!

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