Drinks & Nightlife in Berlin

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Germany's capital city is known to be a great city for going out - no matter

which music genre you prefer, if you want to go dancing or enjoy a bar with good

music: there are no limits when you come to Berlin. 

Bonbon Bar

If you want to get fancy, this is the place for you. Dimly lit rooms, blue walls, velvet curtains, elegant leather sofas, and art deco elements - there's something seductive about Bonbon. Besides the eye-catching interior and fancy drinks, you can also enjoy live music and DJ sets.

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Sisyphos is probably one of the most famous clubs in Berlin. The former factory is not only a club location but also used for festivals and as an event space. Especially in the summer, the large open-air area is a magnet to many people craving good music and an unforgettable experience.

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Prince Charles

Prince Charles offers everything your heart desires. While one night there's a techno party, the next day there's a relaxed bingo night and right after that, the next big hip hop hits are playing. The cool event space with low ceilings and lots of lights invites hundreds of music lovers every week. 

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Club der Visionäre

Club der Visionäre is a bar/club located right next to a canal and is a summer-only club. On warm weekdays, the club slowly gets more crowded after working hours and is packed on the weekends when people are trying to escape the city life and replace it with some chill drinks, a vibrant crowd, and a good time on a warm summer night.  

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Anomalie art club

If you are looking for a truly different experience, then the Anomalie art club is your place to go. The unique space is a mix of club and art: techno DJs come together with visual artists with outstanding performances in sound and light. Keep an eye on the website if you don’t want to miss out on special events, open-air parties, and film screenings. 

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