Who is Charly?

Written by: Bastian Salmen

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Who is Charly?

That is a multifaceted question with a multifaceted answer. I’m not going to write a thesis and I am not going to bore you to death. Simply put, Charly consists of 4 elements, accommodation, design, digitization & local knowledge.

The first element, accommodation. At the core, Charly is here to provide you and your loved ones the most comfortable place to spend the night, a week or a month. No, Charly is not a hotel, it’s also not a serviced apartment, it can only be described as a Charly. What does that mean? The goal of Charly is to offer a home away from home completely regardless of whether you are staying a night or a month. As soon as you enter your room you will instantly feel relaxed & at peace.

Charly knows how important sleep is, so the budget was blown making the beds as comfortable as humanly possible, with linen as soft as that you would find in any 5 Star hotel. The importance we place on sleep is the reason we partnered with Mühldorfer, who has spent the last 100 years making the finest linen and supplies 5 Star hotels around the world.

Charly also realizes that you may want to work from your room, so we made sure there is always fast internet, a comfortable place to sit and work, as well as, very importantly may I add, good coffee. There is also the option of booking a room with a kitchen which enables to really settle into your new surroundings.

Another element Charly knows is important to anyone travelling is good design.

Design. Anyone can buy a comfortable bed, comfortable chair, and call it a designer room. Charly however comes from a creative background and has impeccable taste. At any Charly location, form is equal to function, meaning things should be beautiful, but just as important as their beauty, is their ability to improve your stay, your nights’ sleep, your productivity at work, or just your morning coffee. When you enter a Charly, from the moment you walk into your room, you will know exactly where you are. The fittings in the kitchen, the showerhead in the bathroom, the colour of the cupboards, everything fits seamlessly and tastefully together to create an ambience that will feel familiar to you, regardless of what city you find yourself in.

Charly has only teamed up with partners who place similar value on quality and aesthetics, that’s why you will find Motel’a’Miio, WMF and Siemens playing their part in each of the rooms.

Charly is tech-savvy, staying one step ahead of the German government by eliminating overstaffing and bureaucracy through technology.

The way it works. You make your booking via our website (or other OTA), then, all the information you require will be sent directly to your smartphone. Once it’s time to check in, you click the link we have already sent, fill out the form, and in return, you get the digital key. This digital key is your magic wand to get into the building and your room. Just open the link, swipe right, and the doors will magically open.

This digitization reduces pressure on onsite staff, meaning cleaners get paid a fair living wage without being overworked and onsite hotel managers can focus on their role of improving your stay. Our head office staff are also there to answer any questions 24 hours a day. To contact them you only need to reply to any WhatsApp, SMS, or Email they’ve sent.

This digitization not only makes the process of booking, checking in, and checking out smoother, it also helps you connect with your surroundings. With our incorporated map you have your recommendations at your fingerprints. The best restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, running tracks filtered by our local staff, not something taken out of a lonely planet. We also keep you updated with events taking place nearby our locations, events like concerts, athletic and sports events, as well as things like a fashion week or an automobile expo.

Charly is a traveller and knows the importance of local knowledge. Charly goes out of their way to find out what restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs & museums are recommendable in the neighbourhood by talking to locals and experimenting, not by reading TripAdvisor reviews or Lonely Planet. If you feel at home in the room, why shouldn’t you feel at home outside? When you combine our recommendations with google maps you will walk down the street like a well-rested badass, knowing exactly where you are going, knowing that it will be really good. 

And that’s who Charly is in a nutshell. Follow Charly and keep up to date on new job vacancies, new Charly locations, and Charly team events.